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  • The course consists of 19 pre-recorded video lectures each 20 to 30 minutes in duration, sequenced in 6
        parts. The contents are designed to be viewed top to bottom; however, participants can view the lectures
        selectively in any order.
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  • Lectures are viewed on-demand after sign-in. Each lecture is accompanied by a 2-item test. Both
        questions must be answered correctly for CME and MOC credit. Participants can repeat the test as often
        as needed to pass. Credit is earned for each lecture viewed after the accompanying test is passed. A
        certificate of completion is available to registrants who earn credits for 16 or more lectures.
  • Login to view the course contents. On the Course Navigation page, select a lecture from the scrollable panel
        to the left and click on Video. Set the preferred replay speed. Start, stop, and repeat at will. After completing
        each lecture, return to the Course Navigation Tab and select the Quiz for that lecture to earn CME and MOC credits.
  • Request CME/MOC Credit
  • Continuing education credits are conferred when participants finish working on the course. To close the course and
        request credits, return to the Navigation Tab and select CME Credit at the bottom of the left panel. The University of Michigan
        Office of Continuing Medical Education will then review your work and credentials and grant earned credits.
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